I was here!

Format & guidelines:

This is the format you should follow when sending an email to me about your travel/s if you wish it to be publish (of course with your name) on this blog website:

  1. Subject should be “I was here! (the featured place)”
  2. Address your email to “marobenipayo@yahoo.com”
  3. In your message, please indicate a) the exact location of your featured place/s b) date/s of your travel c)your photos/blog itself
  4.  If you wish to send photos alone without text, just send those to me directly via attachments on the email just make sure that your photos are yours! (I will not be responsible for copyrights)
  5. If you wish to send a blog type, I suggest to edit if first as a file (for example in the Microsoft word) and send it to me as an attachment.

Note: I really want it to be hassle-free so please just follow the above guidelines. Too much failure in following the said guidelines will not be entertained!




(This is only for people who already sent me an email (about their travels),  for the purpose of reminding me to post it!)


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