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Site created: 2nd of June, 2016

 Hi! I hope you’re doing great this day. ☺

I am the owner and only blogger in this site which means I am in control of everything in between. I hope to get in touch with every one of you and enjoy reading my blog/reviews. But first, let me introduce myself:

I made this blog when I was seventeen-years-old; four months away to legal age. I am from Metro Manila, Philippines living with my parents and my sister. I am currently a college student taking Bachelor of Science in Architecture. I have this fond affection to arts, history, culture, and such—everything that have stories behind. I am a self-proclaimed bookworm; I read books a lot—at school breaks, at home, while on the road, even when I am invited in some parties and events (my parent & my closest friends scolds me for that).

The ironic part about myself is that I love to travel but I don’t do good in commuting. I know it’s hard to believe since my blog centralizes about travels, but that’s true. You don’t know how much struggles I had encountered before I finally have been in my destination. Usually, I do research or ask my friends such questions as: “How do I get here?” “What road I must take?” “Do you think I won’t get lost?” (the last question is ridiculous, but I usually ask that).

So forgive me if I still don’t have blog/review about your favorite places. We’ll wait for that right time to come! ☺

As of now, if you have suggestions and places that you want me to cover, just click here or get in touch with me via twitter (see above link).

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